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The Age of Empires III: The War Coast brings the game back to the Medieval Ages. The civilization based on Middle Eastern, East Asian and European kingdoms and empires such as: Saladin's Ayyubid Empire (Arabians), Byzantine Empire (Byzantines), Kingdom of Denmark (Danish), Mamluk Sultanate (Egyptians), Mongol Ilkhanate (Ilkhanids), Korea (Koreans), Maya Empire (Mayans), Golden Horde Mongol (Mongolians), Safavid Empire (Persians) and Teutonic Knights (Teutons).

Age of Empires III: The War Coast


No. of Pages

Media (screenshots, etc)
 TWC Features
Learn about the War Coast civilizations, maps, homecities and many others.
8 pages

 The Castle
Explore the topic to learn about the War Coast military units, strategy and buidlings.

4 pages
 Discussion pages of Town Center
Discuss by making your own pages on the War Coast and share.
6 pages

 The Coast Battlefield
Get ready for battle. Learn about the campaigns.

3 pages

Age of Empires III: The Middle Age World


No. of Pages Media (screenshots,etc)

 Age of Empires III: The Middle Age World
The one and only category of the mod. Explore the category to get all informations

10 pages



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