Jesuit settlement in peacetime
The Asian Dynasties
Unique UnitsConquistadors
TechnologiesSmokeless Powder

Christian School
Flying Buttress
Disciplined Conquistador

Honored Conquistador
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The Jesuits are an order of Roman Catholic men who follow the Latin phrase: Ad majorem Dei Gloriam, meaning "for the Greater Glory of God." The orders primary goal has been to spread the teachings of the church, and in doing so it has made lasting contributions in the fields of education and scholarship.


At the Jesuit mission, players can train Conquistadores, which are mounted musketeers. Similar to Dragoons, these units are good against cavalry and artillery.


Jesuit technologies focus on Settler training time reductions, gunpowder units damage against buildings, conquistador improvements as well as building hitpoints.

Smokeless Powder: +30% siege damage for all gunpowder units. Cost:250 Food, 250 Coin

Christian School: Settlers train 15% faster. Cost: 100 Food, 100 Wood

Flying Buttress: +20% building hitpoints. Cost: 250 Wood, 250 Coin

Disciplined Conquistador: +20% hitpoints and damage.

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